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  1. Prime Minister Jim Bolger appeared in a television ad exhorting the Black Magic crew to " sock it to'em ."
  2. On the other hand, Darwinists will be gratified to see Gaia and her stellar opposite numbers sock it to an unconcerned mankind ."
  3. The Phoenix Suns seemed to be just about ready to turn the corner on the Houston Rockets and sock it to the defending NBA champions.
  4. Cuba was one of the key architects behind the emerging " Billboard " charts with the song " Sock It To Me Baby ".
  5. Think of Richard Nixon's ( ouch ) " Sock it to me ! " cameo on " Laugh-In ."
  6. The union is in litigation mode, hoping to get an arbitrator to sock it to the owners where it hurts the most : in their portfolios.
  7. "The original name I had for " Work With Me, Annie " was ` Sock It to Me, Annie, "'
  8. The real point is that he tried to sock it to college students, has already socked it to college students, and is certain to try again.
  9. Sock It To Voter Fraud, " said, " the Senate has been so partisan it has become difficult to get to the truth ."
  10. In 1967 Ryder had another top ten hit with " Sock It to Me, Baby ! ", which was banned by some stations as too sexually suggestive.
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