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  1. "It has to be more than a social club, " says Villarreal.
  2. Since the 1930s, teams were owned by social clubs run by fans.
  3. It built a swimming pool, a weight room and a social club.
  4. School groups, social clubs, bands and community organizations were among those participating.
  5. They declared Megas Alexandros its administrative independence from Clifton Hill Social Club.
  6. In Camberg he founded a trade association and a Catholic social club.
  7. The company also provides workers with soccer fields, pools and social clubs.
  8. At the social club Majana fetches a colorful book of children's drawings.
  9. Social clubs exist at Harvard College that are unrecognized by Harvard itself.
  10. The Robert Morris Social Club held regular dances in the building.
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