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pronunciation: [ [ slu:s ] ]
sluice meaning in Hindi


  1. Water levels are managed by the use of a sluice gate.
  2. The chief advantage of the hydraulic sluicing method was its cost.
  3. The 1891 canal extended the Columbia Canal upstream of Bull Sluice.
  4. In March 1988, the sluice control was computerised and automated.
  5. The hamlet is located on the land side of the sluice.
  6. Water flows in a rectangular channel that contains a sluice gate.
  7. At Billinghay Skirth, a small sluice connects the two waterways.
  8. Both the bridge and the sluice gates were constructed in 1906.
  9. In 2014, studio1.1 exhibited at Sluice in Brooklyn.
  10. He's seen crews of 20 paddlers sluicing through shallow flats.
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