sluggishnesses in a sentence

sluggishnesses meaning in Hindi


  1. The industry also has been hard hit by global economic sluggishness.
  2. Often, that sluggishness really saps some of the joy ."
  3. There is a slowness, a sluggishness, an unwillingness to plan,
  4. The sluggishness in their last two victories had reasonable explanations.
  5. The increase wasn't sufficient to offset earlier sluggishness, however.
  6. The sluggishness in Michigan comes amid signs of a slowing national economy.
  7. Few industry executives hold Biondi responsible for Viacom's supposed sluggishness.
  8. Some of Chrysler's sluggishness stems from aggressive moves by competitors.
  9. My guess would be a good portion of sluggishness is priced in.
  10. Still, other economic indicators point to sluggishness in manufacturing.
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