sluggishness in a sentence

sluggishness meaning in Hindi


  1. Friday's figures contrast with recent data showing continued economic sluggishness.
  2. A government report, released Tuesday, reinforced the impression of sluggishness.
  3. The optimistic outlook for manufacturing comes despite recent sluggishness in that sector.
  4. These include sluggishness and characters zigzagging crazily to get down stairs ."
  5. I don't get anything like this sluggishness on other sites.
  6. The sluggishness of the cleanup upset many residents who live near the site.
  7. _The feeling of sluggishness that lasts until well in the next morning.
  8. In Europe, by comparison, economic sluggishness is still prompting rate cuts.
  9. After general sluggishness, that's probably the biggest complaint users have.
  10. Economists attribute the sluggishness in exports to weak economies in Japan and Europe.
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