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  1. The manager feared that such a complex game could be undone by a single error.
  2. If guessing, a single error can spread over the entire field and completely ruin the solution.
  3. She denied there was even a single error in her edit, even after Neuroscientist's rather technical post.
  4. While mediating teh Terri Schiavo article, Ed Poor never acknowledged a single error existed in SlimVirgin's edit.
  5. She still refused to acknowledge a single error and she was still calling that her edit be reinstated.
  6. As a consequence, up to two errors per codeword can be detected while a single error can be corrected.
  7. Not since David Green fumbled against West Virginia five years ago had a single error cost BC so dearly.
  8. In particular, the inner summation produces a new single error value which is compensated for future and past errors.
  9. On the other hand, SlimVirgin has denied a dozen times that her 9 edits contained even a single error.
  10. But even the best publications sometimes contain errors, so a single error does not prove a publication is not reliable.
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