shout out in a sentence

shout out meaning in Hindi


  1. He shouts out Liquids'name when he engages in combat with him.
  2. With that resolution, Whyatt shouts out : " Hip hip hooray!
  3. Impersonating Rama's voice, Marich shouts out to Laksman to help him.
  4. They also toured the US in 2007 with Shout Out Louds.
  5. Every fiber of my being shouts out, cries no, to the historic episcopate,
  6. Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor,
  7. Local YouTube Stars Tree Potatoes also made a shout out in a video.
  8. 10 : 55 : Jagger shouts out, " Who killed the Kennedys ?"
  9. With this declaration, Happy shouts out with joy, but causes Eon to awaken.
  10. He fires, shooting a comrade before anyone can shout out " surprise ."
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