shone sentence in Hindi

"shone" meaning in Hindi  


  1. But some others managed to make hay while the sun shone.
  2. The lights still shone and no terrorists intruded on the gaiety.
  3. The sweetfeed shone like amber in the dark rubber grain pans.
  4. Semiconductor stocks shone as investors seemed to consider them beaten down.
  5. A silver badge shone above a pocket of his khaki shirt.
  6. But otherwise, the sun shone and the mood was jovial.
  7. "To, ` Glory shone around . "'
  8. In the second half, Bjarne Goldbaek shone for the Danes.
  9. The United States has never really shone at the world championships.
  10. His preparation shone through during his interview with Donahoe last Friday.
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