shoeshine in a sentence

shoeshine meaning in Hindi


  1. Men's shoeshine, $ 1.50.
  2. No longer does he need snappy patter, a smile and a shoeshine.
  3. On the street, shoeshine boys wait for customers.
  4. For mystery, he includes a strange shoeshine man and his stranger son.
  5. Pressure for me was when I was back home, a shoeshine boy.
  6. Pesos thrown in his fountain are given to the shoeshine boys of Macoris.
  7. The shoeshine boy, Vinicius de Oliveira, had other concerns, however.
  8. I was riding on a shoeshine and a smile.
  9. He became a bootblack at one of the two shoeshine parlors in Attleboro.
  10. Those were only sites we saw in Turkey; Shoeshine Boy WAS Turkey.
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