shoeshine in a sentence

shoeshine meaning in Hindi


  1. And if the shoe fits, they need a shoeshine.
  2. He's Willy Loman, with a sigh and a shoeshine.
  3. They weren't even getting work as shoeshine boys.
  4. Aydin Dinlenmez, 17, a shoeshine boy, said.
  5. But people here say shoeshine men are a dying breed.
  6. Maybe less _ you actually have a conversation with the shoeshine man.
  7. The old joke is even the shoeshine boy is in a union.
  8. There were occasional beggars in 1999 . There were some shoeshine boys.
  9. The former Mexicali shoeshine boy achieved a Yale University doctorate in economics.
  10. A : The first thing I ever sold was shoeshine.
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