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  1. Vegetable shish kebabs or corn : Grilled corn caramelizes quickly, producing sweet, roasted flavors.
  2. Street specialties include grilled tofu and mutton shish kebabs.
  3. Jesse Ventura ate one shish kebabs and nursed a single Corona for the entire evening.
  4. Raltson said, " just like a shish kebab ."
  5. But he also serves Russian comfort food, classics like pickled vegetables, sturgeon shish kebab and vodka.
  6. Enjoy sizzling selections like Spicy Chicken Sausages, Lamb Chops with Mint, Shish Kebab and Tiger Prawns.
  7. So many severed heads and human shish kebabs!
  8. Salmon Shish Kebab Total time : 1 hour, plus 15 minutes to 10 hours for marinating
  9. Time was I'd never leave for a trip to the beach without the shish kebab skewers.
  10. -- " The English Patient " : As the conflicted romantic hero and human shish kebab.
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