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  1. Sandwich had a personal seditious libel, and was declared an outlaw on 19 January 1764.
  2. The law dealing with seditious libel was particularly strict.
  3. The charge was seditious libel; Roche argued that he had not seen the offending material.
  4. Zenger was charged with seditious libel; his wife continued publishing the newspaper while he was imprisoned.
  5. After Bainbridge was successfully convicted several times for seditious libel, Chambers eventually had the paper outlawed.
  6. Sedition and seditious libel were abolished by section 73 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009.
  7. Sir Francis Burdett, a reformist MP, was jailed for three months for publishing a seditious libel.
  8. Seditious libel was one of the " equitable crimes " which were prosecuted in the Star Chamber.
  9. If Howe had been convicted of seditious libel, the " Novascotian " would have been shut down.
  10. In 1925 MacManus was one of twelve CPGB officials imprisoned for seditious libel and incitement to mutiny.
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