scud in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ skʌd ] ]
scud meaning in Hindi


  1. The British have estimated that Iraq has up to 20 Scuds.
  2. Will the Arrow rocket work against Scuds launched from western Iraq?
  3. He said Yemen chose North Korean Scuds because of the price.
  4. Dark gray clouds scud across the sky, spitting occasional raindrops.
  5. Scud C missiles could reach Israel if fired from northeast Egypt.
  6. He launched Scud missiles at Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel.
  7. Use wet towels to wipe off milk scuds from the mouth.
  8. But against Sampras, the player nicknamed Scud was a dud.
  9. Saddam hit Israel with 39 Scud missiles during the Gulf War.
  10. He operated a website offering Scud missiles and tanks for sale.
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