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  1. In the case of a screw dislocation two planes of atoms are offset with a helical array running between them.
  2. Where the orientation of the dislocation line changes, a screw dislocation can continue as an edge dislocation and vice versa.
  3. Another crude analogy : Think of a crystal with line defects ( edge dislocations and screw dislocations but not disclinations ).
  4. Despite the difficulty in visualization, the stresses caused by a screw dislocation are less complex than those of an edge dislocation.
  5. A screw dislocation is a common dislocation that transforms successive atomic planes within a crystal lattice into the shape of a helix.
  6. Screw dislocations can easily cross slip from one plane to another if the other slip plane contains the direction of the burgers vector.
  7. This means edge dislocations move in directions parallel to their dislocation lines and screw dislocations move in directions perpendicular to their dislocation lines.
  8. Some mechanisms produce defect-free whiskers, while others may have single screw dislocations along the main axis of growth  producing high strength whiskers.
  9. Thus, for sufficiently large driving forces, the interface can move uniformly without the benefit of either a heterogeneous nucleation or screw dislocation mechanism.
  10. But McKay said his group is looking into other research indicating that similar crystals with screw dislocations on Earth can have biological origins.
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