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  1. Instead of an expelled Scotsman, Crusoe became a devout Puritan.
  2. Duff was a proud Scotsman as well as a strict disciplinarian.
  3. Scotsman David Coulthard also had a poor race suffering from understeer.
  4. He is the first Scotsman to play in the A PFG.
  5. Mortgage lenders are invited to submit performance data to Scotsman Guide.
  6. Wrote screenplays for'The Scotsman'and'Hero '.
  7. Al Jezera and the Scotsman-screaming about a Black Monday.
  8. See The Scotsman ( 1860 1920 ) dated 15 October 1889.
  9. In June 2013 Juliet Joined the Scotsman newspaper as a columnist.
  10. The Scotsmen were all based in London and the Home Counties.
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