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  1. During this time, Scarper rents a room in the slums to stash the particularly valuable goods.
  2. Montmorency works legally as a British agent and illegally as his alter ego, Montmorency's vile manservant, Scarper.
  3. Three years prior to the main story line, Scarper was in a burglary when he fell through a glass roof.
  4. It inaugurated the Montmorency series featuring a petty thief who turns gentleman and spy, namely Montmorency and his alter ego Scarper.
  5. Meanwhile, as Kurt scarpers from the race, he is found by his employers CLYP, led by a mysterious woman named Gelorum.
  6. Eventually the police pick up a man named " Freakshow ", a friend of Montmorency's from his prison days, and pin Scarper's robberies on him.
  7. He rents a room at a run-down boarding house ( which is owned by the mother of Vi Evans who later becomes one of his close friends ) for his alter ego, Scarper.
  8. The Ragga Twins'longest musical relationship is with Aquasky, a partnership that was first cemented in 2001 when the tracks " All In Check ft . CoGee " and " Loko " were written for Botchit & Scarper.
  9. Either evidenced in a property s primary unit or any of its outbuildings, such estate-caliber residential properties lucky enough to boost the presence of an Indo-Saracenic structure, are still to be seen, generally, where in instances urban sprawl has not yet overcome them; often they are to be found in exclusive neighborhoods'( or surrounded, as cherished survivors, by enormous sky-scarpers, in more recently claimed urbanized areas throughout this  techno driven, socio-economic revolutionary era marking India s recent decade s history ), and are often locally referred to as " mini-palaces ".
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