scalded in a sentence

scalded meaning in Hindi


  1. The kids are scalded on parts of their bodies, cigarette burns.
  2. The Republican scalded-dog and pony show was transparent.
  3. What if she had scalded herself or caught the house on fire?
  4. Residents scalded by the hot water were treated at local medical centers.
  5. Other scalded bodies lay on the road to the airport.
  6. They are naturally pinkish resembling scalded shrimps due to the high temperature.
  7. The Spanish caf?con leche is similar, but uses scalded milk.
  8. An engineer was scalded by a faulty steam injector in November 1905.
  9. It pierced her boilers, releasing steam which severely scalded 28 men.
  10. She slipped, fell and scalded herself in the process.
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