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  1. Scalawag laments that they have succumbed to their desires without considering the consequences.
  2. Scalawag and Igor find Pinocchio, who is once again a real boy.
  3. Blacks increasingly demanded more and more offices at the expense of the Scalawags.
  4. Scalawag and Carpetbagger with small bits of information on Republicans in the south.
  5. He's a scalawag, but darn, he does a good job!
  6. The marriage of a scalawag and a carpetbagger,
  7. During lynched African-Americans, northern carpetbaggers, and Southern " scalawags ".
  8. Most scalawags " crossed Jordan ", as switching to the Democrats was called.
  9. Scalawag recognizes the ship as the " Empire of the Night ".
  10. Social pressure eventually forced most Scalawags to join the conservative / Democratic Redeemer coalition.
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