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  1. Scalation includes a pair of undivided parietal scales and a single loreal scale on either side of the head.
  2. Scalation : dorsal scales in 17 longitudinal rows at midbody, of which rows 7-11 are slightly keeled.
  3. Within this range of thousands of miles across hundreds of islands are large variations in size, pattern, and scalation.
  4. Head scalation consists of 10-11 ( 12 ) upper labials, the first partially or completely fused to the nasal.
  5. Similar scalation is known from the neck, forelimb, and foot of a specimen of " L . magnicristatus ".
  6. The head scalation consists of 10-11 ( 12 ) upper labials, the first of which are fused to the nasal.
  7. Scalation very similar to " Plectrurus guentheri ", except the ventrals are two times as broad as the contiguous scales.
  8. Scalation was similar across different body parts with the exception of the head, which apparently showed a different, irregular pattern of scales.
  9. The scalation includes 23 rows of dorsal scales at midbody, 188-196 ventral scales and 53-66 mostly paired subcaudal scales.
  10. It was an elongate, aquatic form with a flattened and pointed head, greatly reduced limbs, two premaxillary tusks, and heavy scalation.
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