saxophone in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'sæksəfəun ] ]
saxophone meaning in Hindi


  1. -- June 25 : Rova Saxophone Quartet, Knitting Factory.
  2. In a beginning saxophone class, students stand back to back.
  3. "At least there's no saxophone ."
  4. He played saxophone in the band and began to write music.
  5. A slithery and smoky jazz number, heavy on the saxophone?
  6. He took clarinet lessons as a child and switched to saxophone.
  7. Ashba plays the piano and saxophone and studied music at college.
  8. Her 36-year-old son Oran plays alto saxophone.
  9. My mother bought me a soprano saxophone when I was 16.
  10. By 1992 he had switched from the saxophone to a sequencer.
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