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  1. Jenny and Toby had gone out for a walk with their dog Crust, to which they later encounter the same bear that their dad saw down by the creek.
  2. California's 331 ` choose and cut'growers were _ up until last weekend _ gleefully greeting families who took advantage of the balmy weather to tramp through the fields and saw down their own tree.
  3. Like Ann-Margret in " The Cincinnati Kid, " using her nail file to saw down jigsaw puzzle pieces to make them fit, White House aides are jamming messy Monica facts into a plausible picture.
  4. The afternoon show saw Down With Webster supported by Carly Rae Jepsen and The New Cities, while the evening show, again led by Three Days Grace, featured The Trews, I Mother Earth, Arkells, and Rival Sons.
  5. "We saw down the hall where the science classroom was, and we saw where carpet was torn up, maybe from a spilled soda or blood evidence, they said, " said Erica McClaugherty, 14, who will be a sophomore in the fall.
  6. The people you see at Silverman's in October and November buying cider, apples, popcorn and freshly baked pies, scones and cookies are likely to be the ones you saw down the road in mid-September at the Helen Keller School during the festivities for Easton Day.
  7. I would go to Joslyn, and feel like I learned how to apply paint from what I saw down there .  He once said that he frequently did self-portraits because it is the tradition of artists, especially those he admired most the artists of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
  8. My wife has a point when she asks why I can't keep myself from planting a garden when a trip to a grocery store is cheaper and easier, or why I'm compelled to saw down trees and split logs when I can just turn on the furnace and not bother about carrying out ashes.
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