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  1. M�ller was the son of a saddler in Heidelberg.
  2. Saddler is best known for his four-bout series with Willie Pep.
  3. Saddler fought several other notable opponents during his career.
  4. Born in the small town of Florennes, Lambot worked as a saddler.
  5. Saddler has been allocated Eastern Suburbs player number 529.
  6. Voit was discharged in 1898 as Saddler Sergeant at Fort Grant, Arizona.
  7. Saddler complained bitterly after the bout, believing he was the clear winner.
  8. In Utah Territory, Young worked as a printer, saddler and contractor.
  9. There are no longer any walking-stick makers, brickworks or saddlers.
  10. Normay Saddler had previously been judged best in show at 51 different shows.
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