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  1. A better, if understated, compliment came from Wallace Stegner, who said that Abbey's books were " burrs under the saddle blanket of complacency ."
  2. She designed the blanket with a 4-H Clover on the saddle blanket and a sunflower carving on the saddle in honor of the Keller area.
  3. Old Tippecanoe rode a white horse for two hours, bare-headed and without a saddle blanket, to take the oath and give his long, windy speech.
  4. There is no real tradition of Korean carpets or rugs, although saddle blankets and saddle covers were made from naturally dyed wool, and are extremely rare.
  5. You can't eat a piece of meat the size of a saddle blanket, but 3 or 4 ounces of tenderized round steak makes a decent portion.
  6. It is believed that the first American-made saddle blankets were produced at Waverley and the first fox hunt association was formed in the mansion's library in 1893.
  7. In the US the fleeces are becoming of interest to fibre artists and hand spinners for use in tapestry and the making of rugs and saddle blankets.
  8. On Saturday, that retirement became official during a ceremony at Cook College's Ag Field Day when the horse's scuffed saddle was replaced with a monogrammed wool saddle blanket.
  9. These days, camels and horses, generally decked out in red saddle blankets with multicolored pompons on their halters, are a colorful attraction for some, a nuisance to others.
  10. In May they donated prizes to the local high school rodeo _ saddle blankets that said " FBI 96 " for the peewee contestants and straw hats for all contestants.
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