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  1. Jean Purdy made her point about her unusual profession by holding up a saddle blanket.
  2. Navajo textiles were originally utilitarian blankets for use as cloaks, dresses, saddle blankets, and similar purposes.
  3. Many did so, using saddle blankets as armour.
  4. An amber glazed horse with a textured fur saddle blanket glazed green went for $ 310, 000.
  5. Nancy Wilson said she looked for the beautiful engravings that can be found on big bills, called saddle blankets.
  6. The men are rescued, and soon after, Kengtu and Wali are returned to their people, along with sixty saddle blankets.
  7. Some of the horses are glazed, in glorious blue, green, amber and cream, with tasseled bridles and elaborate saddle blankets.
  8. On his saddle blanket is the number 6, his post position at Churchill Downs on the day he won the Kentucky Derby.
  9. Saddle blankets or pads can provide assistance to correct minor fit problems, but no amount of padding can compensate for a poor-fitting saddle.
  10. Ruthling's hoofed masterpiece, called " Starry Night, " is navy blue, embellished with a saddle blanket, stars, and a crescent moon of silver tin.
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