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  1. It consists of a sacrum connected to two ilia.
  2. The paratype was specimen CV 210, a sacrum.
  3. The sacrum includes four vertebrae, which are not strongly fused and incomplete.
  4. It contains a pelvis with sacrum, two vertebrae and three back plates.
  5. "Canticum Sacrum " is in five retrograde of the first.
  6. If the tip of the sacrum is rough, it is filed down.
  7. A sacrum bone found in Tequixquiac is considered a work of prehistoric art.
  8. Fitzgerald slipped, fell and broke her sacrum.
  9. LVN descend the spinal cord within the lateral vestibulospinal tract and end at sacrum.
  10. Because the sacrum is fused, it is not often used to provide location.
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