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  1. After removal to Kansas, the Wyandot had founded good libraries along with two thriving Sabbath schools.
  2. It is also known as Sabbath School Hall.
  3. During part of this time, he also worked as director of the General Conference Sabbath Schools.
  4. The most prominent was Epps, who helped found the town library, a Sabbath school and a church.
  5. In 1867, the church began use as a Sabbath School when a new sanctuary was built nearby.
  6. She had received that medal from the settlement house for teaching at its Sabbath school, Schapiro said.
  7. Of the 10 churches located in Hamburg, six of them offer a weekly Sunday or Sabbath school services.
  8. Sabbath School lessons in 2007 2011.
  9. For three years he was connected with Thomas Chalmers's Territorial church sabbath school in the West Port, Edinburgh.
  10. During its first years many people united with the church from the Sabbath School ( Sunday School ).
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