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  1. In 1931 Odoardo Beccari described " Sabal haitensis " based on collections made in Haiti.
  2. Mike Breece of the Sabal Palm House Bed & Breakfast in Lake Worth shares these suggestions:
  3. It was transferred to the genus " Sabal " by Italian naturalist Odoardo Beccari in 1933.
  4. Venepal also plans to invest $ 10 million in a cardboard plant in Puerto Rico, Reyes Sabal said.
  5. This area is home to the northernmost naturally occurring hammocks of South Carolina's signature sabal palmetto tree.
  6. In September 1995, Hellborg, Lane and drummer Anders Johansson played with Chinese pop singer F�lix Sabal Lecco.
  7. This last population is suspected to have been hybridized with the more common " Sabal minor ".
  8. "We expect a recovery in the domestic market and growth in exports, " said Reyes Sabal.
  9. A 30-minute drive southwest from South Padre Island leads to Sabal Palm Audubon Center and Sanctuary in Brownsville.
  10. I recall reading the observations of palm fanciers regarding our state tree, the cabbage palm ( Sabal palmetto ).
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