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  1. Aside from the change in literary taste, the royalist elements of Ruritanian romances became less plausible as many European monarchies receded even from memory, and their restorations grew less likely.
  2. Author J . G . Ballard, in refusing a CBE, described the British Honours System as a " Ruritanian charade that helps to prop up our top-heavy monarchy ".
  3. Cule's novelette " The Prince of Zell " is a curiosity  a Ruritanian romance with a wildly improbable plot and a denouement that strains credulity to the limit.
  4. In a hypothetical example, if an editor is actively editing the page on the Ruritanian Liberation Front and has on their user page, we have a right to question their objectivity.
  5. I think the difference is that very few of us will have a position on Ruritanian liberation, so someone who proclaims it loudly is describing themselves as having quite an unusual position.
  6. In one memorable sequence, Flynt appears against a night sky filled with fireworks, flanked by drummer girls and a Statue of Liberty, like some Ruritanian vision of a Yankee Doodle dandy.
  7. Shaw's first box-office success was " Arms and the Man " ( 1894 ), a mock-Ruritanian comedy satirising conventions of love, military honour and class.
  8. Raker, Watcham, and Inanna head into the River Fleet's underground channel as the Ruritanian aeroplanes begin a heavy fire-bombing of London in preparation for their final assault on Britain.
  9. ""'The Midnight Wedding " "'is a 1912 Australian silent film directed by Raymond Longford based on a popular Ruritanian stage play in which Longford had appeared.
  10. Ruritania is featured in the animated series " Count Duckula ", in which it is depicted as a popular ski resort, with competitions in winter sports held in the Ruritanian town of Danglegoggle.
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