rove in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ rəuv ] ]
rove meaning in Hindi


  1. Rove sighed, and she rubbed his shoulders for a minute.
  2. He was made a roving superintendent before being appointed assistant chancellor.
  3. Rove said three weeks before Iowa kicked off the political season.
  4. Karl Rove, Bush's top strategist, said recently.
  5. The foreman of Bush's presidential campaign is Karl Rove.
  6. But a " roving eye " is serious business.
  7. Rove added, " Thank you, sir ."
  8. Rove is commanding attention as a new power in this town.
  9. Rove also took the opportunity to flash his frequently disarming humor.
  10. The Roving Feast : A perfect picnic for dad and Joe DiMaggio
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