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  1. Transmission by ingestion or inhalation of coughed fomites is a second, less likely route of infection.
  2. We must strictly investigate the route of infection.
  3. Ingestion of oocysts by humans or other warm-blooded animals is one of the common routes of infection.
  4. In the past, the main route of infection was through transfusions of contaminated blood and blood products.
  5. This is a single incident, so it is impossible to be sure which was the route of infection.
  6. This approach uses microbiological and epidemiological evidence to identify the key routes of infection transmission in the home.
  7. Ministry officials will start examining the farm's surviving cows and their feed to track down the route of infection.
  8. Oral ingestion of larvae-contaminated tissue is the usual route of infection, but congenital and mammary transmission can occur in rats.
  9. So far, eating an infected animal has never been seen as a route of infection, according to the federal health officials.
  10. Heterosexual transmission was the main route of infection, with just one homosexual transmission for every five heterosexual transmissions, the government said.
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