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  1. While in Rockcliffe the battalion carried out route marches during the day and at night, about twice a week.
  2. Rowland, preparing to start his parade-route march, told reporters his goal for the day was just to make it through.
  3. Training intensified as the shadow of war loomed larger with frequent long route marches and exercises at battalion and brigade levels.
  4. In September 1910, the QOR went on a route march with The Buffs ( East Kent ) Regiment of the British Army.
  5. The Dartmoor Yomp takes its name from the Royal Marines slang term " yomp ", meaning a route march carrying full kit.
  6. Almost all of them lasted for an hour and all of them even had route marches on the streets to the participating venues.
  7. These cadets underwent military and combat training with drills, route marches as well as weapons training in rifles, hand grenades, and bayonet charges.
  8. The most notable clash occurred in July 1917, when the whole Dublin Battalion went on a route march through the South City and County.
  9. Each squadron's aim was to prepare cadets for joining the athletics, especially cross country running and long route marches, soon became standard squadron activities.
  10. Controversially, Seddons drill sergeant, a Carlton supporter, put Seddon and Collingwood teammate, Paddy Rowan, through a 10-mile route march on the morning of the 1915 Grand Final.
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