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  1. Israel invaded south Lebanon again in 1982 in an attempt to rout out Palestinian guerrillas.
  2. We want someone to rout out terrorists, hold back taxes and save the rain forest.
  3. A guerrilla movement in Ethiopia was formed to rout out Italian forces as early as 1935.
  4. On March 14, 1978, Israel invaded south Lebanon to rout out PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat's guerrillas.
  5. We are going to intensify our operation and rout out anyone who is supporting these raiders,
  6. Since then, dozens of Moroccans have been arrested in an effort to rout out Islamic extremists.
  7. _Urged Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to " respond forcefully to rout out those who kill ."
  8. President Laurent Gbagbo's government has repeatedly pledged to rout out the insurgents behind Ivory Coast's bloodiest-ever uprising.
  9. Bush, in contrast, has repeatedly said that his intention is to " rout out and whip terrorism ."
  10. _Bush also publicly challenged Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat to " respond forcefully to rout out those who killed"
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