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  1. The node information can be augmented with round trip times, or RTT . This information will be used to choose a time-out specific for every consulted node.
  2. Acting as an upload server to the limit of ones upload bandwidth increases the round trip time for webpage requests, making web browsing while using PPS . tv difficult.
  3. In this example, the shortest round trip time was 9.674 ms, the average was 10.968 ms, and the maximum value was 11.726 ms.
  4. Although the PN sequence was periodic, its period of about 5 seconds exceeded the largest possible round trip time to the moon so there would be no ambiguity in its received timing.
  5. Under Spring, IPC is synchronous; control is immediately passed to the server without running the scheduler, improving the round trip time in the common case when the server can immediately return.
  6. This helps reduce the recovery time on 10 Gbit / s links from 4 + hours ( using Standard TCP ) to less than 15 seconds when the round trip time is 200 milliseconds.
  7. The regular services could be done with a round trip time of nine to ten days, including overnighting in Cairo, Karachi and Bangkok, and with technical revision of the plane in Hong Kong.
  8. In "'satellite laser ranging "'( "'SLR "') a global network of observation stations measures the round trip time of flight of ultrashort pulses of light to retroreflectors.
  9. By timing the total round trip time from broadcast to reception and then dividing by twice the speed of light ( the signal travels to the aircraft and back again ) the distance to the aircraft could be determined.
  10. When the window sizes are small, say 1 Mbit / s @ 200 ms round trip time and the window is about 20 packets, this recovery time is quite fast on the order of a few seconds.
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