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  1. If the lovers of " Before Sunrise " don't seem a perfect match, that's somewhat intentional; Linklater has too much naturalness to give a happily-ever-after rosiness to this story.
  2. She scans everything with zany suspicion : the large white radish she is served as a beer garden snack, the floppy pale sausages, the rosy facades and cleanliness of the streets, Heinrich's own rosiness and ebullient kindness.
  3. Recently, with $ 100, 000 Scitex scanners still running full-speed at 10 p . m ., one technician was touching up the scan of an adorable Irish toddler, adding rosiness to her pixelized cheeks so that the digital version would come closer to the original.
  4. Neil Austin's forensic lighting, cutting through clouds of haze, sees to it that as Edward Bennett and Will Attenborough's Crick and Watson finally unravel a secret held from mankind for millennia, all hint of rosiness in Rosalind's face vanishes, a deathly pallor taking its stead.
  5. It is designed to calculatingly seduce and easily capture the attention of the viewers using " glamorous clich�s " such as the " girlish tilt of the head ", the " dewy eyes ", the " auburn curls " on the forehead, the lacy and ornamental " clots " of pigment of the garment, the slickness of the pictorial surface, the banal and sweet rosiness of the facial expression, and the presence of a " winy purple " background.
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