riposte in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ ri'pəust ] ]
riposte meaning in Hindi


  1. More than half a century later, corn-growers have their riposte.
  2. Which, perhaps coincidentally, they did ( call it rapid riposte ).
  3. From the foes of flab, study gets a riposte
  4. So where have we heard this particular riposte before?
  5. Haider's remark was not just the riposte of an embattled politician.
  6. Milbrett riposted, but nothing less than five carats.
  7. For every Boeing charge, Airbus has a riposte.
  8. I will never riposte and they will stay safe and sound and free.
  9. They made no remarks about Israel's riposte.
  10. No mention was made of the Israeli riposte that left nine people dead.
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