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  1. Rigid airships became the first aircraft to transport passengers and cargo over great distances.
  2. Rigid airship design and advancement was pioneered by the German count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.
  3. A : The LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin is considered the most successful rigid airship ever built.
  4. The airport was named after the noted American Navy rigid airship pioneer, Lt . Cmdr.
  5. The first American-built rigid airship, the, flew in 1923.
  6. A non-rigid airship relies entirely on internal gas pressure to retain its shape during flight.
  7. Unlike semi-rigid and rigid airships ( e . g.
  8. France's only rigid airship was designed by Chenu 200 hp engine that drove two propellers.
  9. O'Conner transfers to the US Naval Air Service and is assigned to the rigid airship.
  10. The British Royal Navy took an early interest in rigid airships and ordered Wolseley engines.
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