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  1. He had this certainty about the rightness of the cause.
  2. Quieter, decidedly clumsier, many still have a rightness all their own.
  3. With any word, the question is not its size but its rightness.
  4. He tried to make his rightness into the only rationale of his campaign.
  5. But the rightness of it doesn't make it any less disgusting.
  6. Rusu and Livitchi are both members of the Social-Economic Rightness Party.
  7. History consistently has shown the basic rightness of that decision . . ..
  8. Others have always been more confident about Brosnan's rightness for the role.
  9. In an interview with Newsweek, he defended the moral rightness of his actions.
  10. And it demonstrates the rightness of my policies.
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