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  1. William Mounier Yeo, as stated in his will, owned a reversionary interest in lands in Fremington and Barnstaple during the life of his aunt Mrs Agnes Roche.
  2. It would repeal as well the reversionary interest of the United States in the property if the state of Wyoming uses it for any other purpose or develops the property.
  3. H . R . 3366 would require the Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ) to convey a reversionary interest in about 290 acres of land to the State of Oregon.
  4. The duty to apportion is, in practice, nearly always excluded in any professionally drafted will, both in respect of income from unauthorised securities and in respect of reversionary interests.
  5. However, the rule against perpetuities would void the interest to T's great-grandchildren, and leave the will creating the successive life estates with a reversionary interest in T's estate.
  6. Under United States copyright law, an author may transfer some rights to the copyright owner ( often an employer ) while retaining a future " reversionary interest, " such as that of copyright renewal.
  7. On the other hand " future " property, such as a remainder or a reversionary interest, or other property which at present produces no income, is of no immediate benefit to the life tenant.
  8. The government retained a reversionary interest in the property subject to a condition that the recipient maintain the conveyed property as a memorial commemorating United States participation in World War I and honoring the American veterans of that war.
  9. Directs release to Clay County, Georgia, of the reversionary interest of the United States to specified real property in the County, subject to the condition that such property be used solely for the development of a retirement community.
  10. The "'Hermiston Reversionary Interest Release Act "'( ) is a bill that would release the interest of the United States in some land currently being used for the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Oregon.
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