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  1. One approach for defending return-oriented programming would be creating compiler-based defense mechanism that eliminate return instructions so that an adversary or return-oriented rootkits cannot make return-oriented gadgets.
  2. Additional instructions in support of 24 / 31-bit addressing include two new register-register call / return instructions which also effect an addressing mode change ( e . g.
  3. At the conclusion of the first gadget, a return instruction will be executed, which will pop the address of the next gadget off the stack and jump to it.
  4. It is therefore possible to search for an opcode that alters control flow, most notably the return instruction ( 0xC3 ) and then look backwards in the binary for preceding bytes that form possibly useful instructions.
  5. For return instructions, consumers can call the company at 1-877-743-7820 between 12 p . m . and 7 p . m . EST Monday through Friday or visit their Web site at http : / / www . tsgprotection . com / recall . htm.
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