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  1. Conventional cars use the frame itself as a ground, or a return circuit to the battery, and a live cable making contact with the frame can create a circuit and send the entire current of the battery through the car.
  2. Following the privatisation of British Rail the franchise for the Watford DC Line was taken over by National Express Group who ran the line under its 750 V DC lines for its all-stations local service with the 4th rail presently redundant except as part of the electrical return circuit.
  3. Such torture uses electrodes attached to parts of the victim's body : most typically, while wires are wound around the fingers, toes, or tongue; attached to the genitals; or inserted in the vagina to provide a return circuit; the voltage source ( typically some sort of prod ) of precisely controllable pressure is applied to other sensitive parts of the body, such as the genitals, breasts, or head.
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