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  1. He would also bring back arms and ammunition as a return cargo, and ultimately held the important position of deputy controller-general of posts.
  2. It was also an important center of cotton goods and supplied a large part of the return cargo of the French ships visiting India.
  3. Later . much of this wheat was exported to ports around the world, California finally had a return cargo for its many incoming ships.
  4. The main return cargo was frozen and chilled meat, and the " City " set a record for the largest meat consignment up to that time.
  5. She then loaded a return cargo of 970 bales of tobacco and 1, 470 tons of water ballast and departed for New York on 5 March.
  6. She returned with mail and a small number of passengers, but return cargo to fill the space of the assisted immigrants and soldiers was harder to procure.
  7. She then took on board 1, 438 tons of U . S . Army return cargo before departing Brest on 15 February 1919 for the United States.
  8. Japan's plans will bar the two U . S . carriers from flying return cargo flights between Japan and any or all of six Asian destinations, the official said.
  9. In the 18th and 19th centuries coal from South Wales was the main cargo and in World War II pit props cut in local forests were the return cargo.
  10. By doing this right, the player can haul raw materials one way, " create " manufactured return cargo, and make even more money hauling finished products back the other way.
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