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  1. Metal containers will not work, as an acid is produced when retting, and it would corrode the metal.
  2. They are used for retting of plant fibers such as ramie, sunn hemp, jute, flax and hemp.
  3. Mistakes at stop signs and traffic signals can be catastrophic, " said Retting, an author of the study.
  4. Lows Cottage near Coldhame was a retting works and was located next to one of the Brownmuir on the Muir Burn.
  5. In field retting, the flax is laid out in a large field, and dew is allowed to collect on it.
  6. The first report on retting of sunn hemp ( Crotalaria juncea ) by pectin lyase produced by " Aspergillus flavus"
  7. In most cases, the fiber extraction process of bast fibers in water retting is done by the farmers while standing under water.
  8. When the retting is complete the bundles feel soft and slimy, The process can be overdone, and the fibres rot too.
  9. The loch may have survived during the Burns family's time as Robert and retting pond for the preparation of the flax.
  10. I basically had to waste the entire holiday season last year retting the iban in place, yet it's not enforced.
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