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  1. MNR is the only research reactor in Canada with a full containment structure.
  2. The neutron source usually a research reactor or a spallation source.
  3. However, HEU is also used in research reactors and for medical isotope production.
  4. Five other university research reactors around the country use weapons-grade fuel.
  5. The Chalk River research reactor lies 90 miles northwest of Ottawa.
  6. Danish lawmakers voted unanimously Thursday to decommission the country's last nuclear research reactor.
  7. The chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission advocates exporting Indian-built research reactors.
  8. Sadly, there's no consistent nomenclature over research reactors and power plants in English.
  9. They house a SLOWPOKE-II nuclear research reactor that performs analytical tests.
  10. Other research reactors predate it but have since been NC State.
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