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  1. Merton is also credited as the creator of the focus group research method.
  2. I admit, maybe there is a flaw in my research method.
  3. Detractors such as Dershowitz challenged Finkelstein's research methods and confrontational approach.
  4. Psychologists use many research methods, and categorical distinctions of these methods have emerged.
  5. Students are immersed in language while in country and learn new research methods.
  6. Caro's research methods suggest a journalist as much as a scholar.
  7. But doctors say the report has limitations because of the research method used.
  8. Performance Studies tends to concentrate on a mix of research methods.
  9. RT-PCR is commonly used in research methods to measure gene expression.
  10. There is nothing whatsoever keeping any other editor from applying robust research methods.
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