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  1. At the order of the archaeologists under the directorship of Vera I . Evison undertook a rescue excavation.
  2. During the initially launched rescue excavation, the complete burial site were excavated and documented in a three-week operation.
  3. The National Culture Institute in Lima authorized Dr . Guillen to oversee the immediate rescue excavation of the site.
  4. In 1969, another rescue excavation was launched to investigate MB IIA tombs revealed as a result of agricultural activity by the kibbutz.
  5. The Department of Archaeology, Museums and Archives, Government of Madhya Pradesh, undertook rescue excavations in response, and transplanted a number of temples.
  6. In 1996 and 1997 a rescue excavation was carried out at Khirbet Qazone near the southern end of the Dead Sea in Jordan.
  7. The city council of Riverside listened to testimony from archaeologists and local residents and decided to pay for rescue excavations at the site.
  8. At last, with the assistance of the Roman department of the " British Museum ", a rescue excavation was carried out in Cherchel.
  9. The rock was unearthed after construction workers laying pipe for a Jewish housing project accidentally damaged the church's foundation, spurring a rescue excavation.
  10. As the quarry approached the perimeter of the fort the rescue excavations in 1954-55 and 1959-60 intended to investigate the site before its destruction.
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