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  1. What it rules might cause the Republicans to have to rescript their New Jersey success story.
  2. During his first term, the " Imperial Rescript on Education " was issued.
  3. By an imperial rescript the monastery was forced to sell one quarter of its large possessions.
  4. The rescript was translated into English by and was broadcast to overseas Allies at the same time.
  5. His role was to read the imperial rescript of the shrines and present the emperor s offerings.
  6. Of the death sentences, an Imperial Rescript commuted twelve to life imprisonment on the following day.
  7. The " Rescript " was issued by Emperor Meiji of Japan on 4 January 1882.
  8. A rescript from Propaganda ( 14 February 1796 ) confirmed Stonyhurst in all the privileges of Li�ge.
  9. If David Doyle could rescript the past 15 years of his soccer career, things might be different.
  10. The rescript was then pasted to the face of the memorial and submitted with it to the emperor.
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