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  1. Format registration marks are similar to regular.
  2. The separate issuance system of registration marks for motorcycles has been discontinued and merged with the main system.
  3. When printing the design repeat, the block is precisely placed on the paper, matching it up to registration marks.
  4. When such operations are conducted, not only are there no documents . . . but the equipment and weapons have no registration marks,
  5. A third prototype YT-27, further modified from the previous two prototypes, received the civilian registration mark PP-ZDK, and flew on 16 August 1982.
  6. During the 1950s he became an avid  spotter recording the registration marks of everything from steam locomotives, warships, buses and finally aeroplanes.
  7. The registration mark takes the form of three groups of digits separated by a space ( early plates were separated with a hyphen ).
  8. To keep the blocks for each colour aligned correctly registration marks called " kentM " were placed on one corner and an adjacent side.
  9. All kit cars are subject to a Vehicle Identity Check, VIC, by the DVLA to determine the registration mark a kit car is assigned.
  10. The need for OMR software originated because early optical mark recognition systems used dedicated scanners and special pre-printed forms with drop-out colors and registration marks.
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