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  1. Automobile and boat registration fees are a subset of this tax.
  2. The registration fee is Bt950 including art materials, meals and snacks.
  3. The registration fee is a complex computation that differs from vehicle to vehicle.
  4. A portion of each registration fee will be donated to Summit4StemCell.
  5. Registration fees range from $ 100 to $ 250 per person.
  6. Registration fee for society members is RM390 while non-members pay RM590.
  7. There is also a $ 180 per person registration fee for the competition.
  8. The $ 130 million figure was used to calculate the SEC registration fee.
  9. In addition, the companies avoid the usual SEC registration fee for registering stock.
  10. Registration fees and parcels had to be franked using British or Indian stamps.
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