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pronunciation: [ [ ri'fʌldʒənt ] ]
refulgent meaning in Hindi


  1. Gavazzi Luciano was battalion commander of CC . NN . and deputy commander of the defense of Uolchefit ( East Africa ), although weakened by serious harm, gave in every difficult contingency refulgent example of pure faith, sacred enthusiasm and valuable, intelligent activity.
  2. Of her performance in " Gay Divorce " the critic Brooks Atkinson wrote : " In the refulgent Claire Luce, Fred Astaire has found a partner who can match him step for step and who flies over the furniture in his company without missing a beat ."
  3. Like Palmer, he painted pantheistically vibrant landscapes . ( Spencer's " May Tree " is a direct descendant of Palmer's refulgent " Shoreham Garden . " ) And like Blake and Hunt, he painted New Testament scenes and religious allegories rooted in the everyday.
  4. Despite their familiar images of outsize landscapes, refulgent flowers and majestic birds, one senses that these works are less an art about nature than an art about art, its themes and conventions recycled, tinkered with, inflected, revised, until a stock repertory of classical forms takes on an almost hallucinatory shimmer.
  5. *May she, then, the most holy Mother of all the members of Christ, to whose Immaculate Heart We have trustfully consecrated all mankind, and who now reigns in heaven with her Son, her body and soul refulgent with heavenly glory-may she never cease to beg from Him that streams of grace may flow from its exalted Head into all the members of the Mystical Body.
  6. The Vamana Purana mentions the legend of her creation in great detail : " When the gods had sought Vishnu in their distress, he and at his command Shiva, Brahma and the other gods, emitted such flames from their eyes and countenances that a mountain of effulgence was formed, from which became manifest Katyayini, refulgent as a thousand suns, having three eyes, black hair and eighteen arms.
  7. Clarence Hervey is struck with " the expression of happiness in Lady Anne's countenance, " and regards her as one of the most amiable and happiest women he ever saw; and Belinda thinks to herself, " . . . Lady Anne Percival's wit is like the refulgent moon, we'Love the mild rays, and bless the useful light .'" She later also remarks to Mr . Vincent, when he compares Lady Anne Percival and Lady Delacour, " I have never seen any woman who would not suffer by a comparison with Lady Anne Percival . " She has much knowledge, and a love of literature, that makes her a fine companion to Mr . Percival.
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