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  1. There is also a potential refugium in the far north of Scandinavia on the island of And�ya.
  2. It may also indicate that Coronation was a refugium that provided a food source for the bear.
  3. Various types of macroalgae can be grown and harvested from the refugium as another means of nitrate export.
  4. During her time as abbess she overstretched the abbey's finances by purchasing a refugium in Brussels.
  5. A refugium provides many benefits, which include nitrate reduction, as well as providing a natural food source.
  6. The refugium and sump are often housed in a single tank with a system of dividers to separate the compartments.
  7. Rather its subsequent spread further west occurred later, in the post-glacial period from a postulated South Caucasian refugium.
  8. "' Refugium "': An accessory tank dedicated to the cultivation of beneficial macroalgae and microflora / fauna.
  9. The extinct pine species " Pinus matthewsii " has been described from Pliocene sediments in the Yukon areas of the refugium.
  10. The earliest works in the genre were refugium of a lost civilization, or ( more rarely ) as a base for space aliens.
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